Block Application Help Industry

Application of innovative scenarios to accelerate the development of the industry

Popular applications

BIBO Wallet

Experience Cooper wallets to control assets anytime, anywhere

One bit and one yard

"One product, one yard" creates traceability for Moutai

Copyright chain

National Copyright Administration Pilot Research and Development "Copyright Chain"

Star exploration program

Australian Australian Tiger International, Australian Sports Media

Application scenario


  • Real estate finance

    Accelerate transactions, reduce expenses, and become 100% transparent

  • Payment

    Cross-border payment is simple and quick to pay

  • Insurance

    Optimize business processes and strengthen industry information sharing

  • Corporate finance

    Improve efficiency and enhance data trust

  • Asset Management

    Reduce data processing, reduce costs, and have strong liquidity

  • Bill finance

    Ensure the authenticity of the security and reliability of the bill

  • Securities Finance

    Efficient stock selection, multiple financial insurance

Digital assets

  • Digital currency transaction

    Support up to nineteen currencies Online

  • Blockchain Wallet

    Experience Cooper wallets to control assets anytime, anywhere

  • Digital money investment

    Reducing the risk of investment and improving the key to success


  • Agro ecology

    Block chain brings changes and opportunities for modern agriculture

  • Industrial Ecology

    Innovation and development of block chain technology industry trade

Public Notarization

  • copyright protection

    Real-time monitoring, the protection of original value will not be lost

  • Intelligent contract

    The two parties in intelligent contracts establish rights and obligations

  • Evidence protection

    Rapid forensics, efficient electronic evidence preservation

Medical care

  • Drug traceability

    Two dimensional code encryption for drug tracing. Prevention of counterfeit goods

  • Health management

    A perfect health service system to ensure physical and mental health

public welfare

  • Traceability of good money

    Improving the transparency of donations and clearer flow of money

  • Public interest seeking

    The block chain is on the ground for public welfare to let the missing children go home early