The Bound Back Volumes of the weekly law report, Supreme Court Cases™, are available since its inception in 1969 till date, in durable, and beautiful foam leather binding that will add prestige and utility to your chamber. SCC™ gives comprehensive reporting of reportable and non-reportable cases of the Supreme Court of India. For details of the complete set of back volumes, please see below


Philosophy & Thinking:

A law report is of value not just for a few decades, but for eternity. That is the prime consideration driving Supreme Court Cases™. That is why great pains are taken and efforts made at Supreme Court Cases™ to accurately publish every judgment or order. Equally important is that the entire Supreme Court case-law be made available, and hence the efforts to achieve completeness. Again, while making efforts for being prompt we make sure not to be hasty, engaged as we are in producing a permanent record of the Supreme Court.

The most cited Law Report

SCC™ by its quality, excellence and reliability has won the trust of the Hon’ ble Judges and leading advocates of the Supreme Court and those of the High Courts making it the most frequently cited law report. Most commentaries and textbooks also prefer to cite SCC™ due to the authenticity of the SCC™ text and reliability of its headnotes.