Copyright protection becomes a hot topic. Can block chain become the future of copyright protection?


With the upgrading of the Internet and the unprecedented prosperity of digital content, explosive growth has taken place. Everyone can create a large environment, a large number of high quality content through the Internet to spread and share out, but at the same time, it also brings a huge amount of illegal dissemination, and other copyright issues emerge in endlessly.

"The work is used arbitrarily, but the creator can not get the reward" has triggered a series of thoughts on the protection of the network copyright, and the solution of piracyand infringement has become the primary issue of the current copyright protection.


"Traditional copyright protection methods include copyright registration, judicial authentication and notarization, which are effective ways to protect originality, but they are time-consuming and exhausting. After consuming a lot of time and energy in traditional media, the traditional methods of protecting copyright are somewhat helpless, and the time and energy consumed are no less than the content of creation. For example, a single product worth hundreds of dollars and even dozens of yuan must be used for copyright protection by hundreds of dollars, which is unacceptable to many creators.

Because of understanding this problem, the CAM medium enterprise matrix uses the block chain technology to take the lead in developing the floor application of the block chain copyright category, and taking the Fujian Copyright Bureau as a pilot, it has become the land block chain application of the first government government.


With the application of CAM mid enterprise matrix block chain technology in the field of copyright protection, by developing the DRM:Digital Rights Management technology based on block chain, every authorizing license or copyright owner's copyright on the work is recorded and tracked by the copyright owner, so that both the manager and the author have the more. Strengthening the control of intellectual property rights. Block chain technology can help authors, artists, photographers and other art workers register copyright in the block chain to prevent infringement.


CAM enterprise matrix provides a simple public database registration, which allows the author to register the copyright on the block chain and get the corresponding copyright certificate. If someone copies works without permission, the block chain automatically sends out a copyright certificate as a warning. It also records all the authorized and unauthorized duplication and distribution, as the management and statistics of the management and copyright owners, and can also be used as a testimony for the infringement.

It is well known that scientific and technological innovation is the king of the land. The popularity of a new technology depends on whether it can find suitable application scenarios and create real value. And block chain technology undoubtedly has great potential to subvert existing production relations. In 2018, the CAM medium enterprise matrix will have more and more block chain landing applications in people's daily life. We will see how the CAM medium enterprise matrix is used in more traditional industries, bringing more innovative business and scene.