CAM team

Let us join hands to innovate and lead the new era of block trading technology

Core Team

KK GuoFounder & CEO

H264\\265 video codec patent lab set up, "China enterprise newspaper" all media group vice president of science and technology; Deputy Secretary General China enterprise alliance Deputy Secretary General of poverty alleviation; Chinese Entrepreneurs Association; the emerging technology industry in Fujian province to promote the deputy director of the center; Honorary President of the Quanzhou chamber of Commerce

Jason LuCo-Founder & CTO

He has 10 years of experience in IT technology planning and management, and is responsible for technical system planning in several well-known companies. Long-term commitment to artificial intelligence and blockchain technology research and development. He has developed blockchain frameworks and commercial applications for a number of well-known large companies and startups. He has extensive experience in computer system design, product development, and project management.

Carl Lyen Co-Founder & COO

China's first batch of bitcoin miners, block chain technology foreign exchange full automatic trading first person; 7 years experience in encrypting digital currency investment, the first batch of digital assets investment private equity promoters in 2012.

Xiaohui HuangCFO

Xiamen City, the "double hundred" talent evaluation experts, Xiamen City Council by letter experts storehouse, Xiamen City Finance Office of small loan companies and financing Guarantee Corporation access to the audit experts, the Xiamen Municipal Science and Technology Bureau experts storehouse

Kenvin ZhengChief Strategy Officer

Xiamen University graduate, served as executive positions in Goldcommon group, continents group, group comprehensive group enterprise group as the core members of the decision-making and decision-making departments in many large group company, has rich experience in modern management, and the actual operation of the industry experience, familiar with the process of internal system construction and enterprise operation management comprehensive management, group company, familiar with the project investment, capital operation and enterprise planning matters listed.

Jinlang WuSenior Engineer

The professional block chain developer, who has been engaged in software development for 8 years and has a master's degree in software development, has developed many projects for a number of well-known large enterprises and start-ups, entered the block chain industry, and participated in the development of block chain systems and consensus algorithms.

Xiangbin WuBlockchain developers

Responsible for the design and development of block chain products, study the agreement of block chain, operation mechanism and the implementation of the bottom layer, and help to improve the block chain basic products.

Bincai ZhangBlockchain developers

There are some researches on data structure, cryptography, security protocol and encryption algorithm.Master the principle of the underlying consensus mechanism of the block chain and related asymmetric encryption algorithm, and set up the development of the same level block chain project.

Angel Investment

Baifu JingFamous Angel investor

Chairman of Carnival International Holding Co., Ltd. Chairman of Beijing hundred Shunda Real Estate Co., Ltd. Chairman of Beijing Aung Exhibition Industry Co., Ltd. The actual controller of the ST star Fujian Shida computer group chairman Forbes Chinese rich list ranked 165th. 2016 Hurun real estate rich list of 11 billion 500 million ranked thirty-eighth

Strategic Consultant

Yanping ZhuStrategic Advisor

Taiwan, China, Ph.D. (graduated from Taiwan's successful university), director of the Taiwan cloud service association, dean of information management, chung hsing university.He was awarded the youth invention award of Taiwan ministry of education and the top ten information talent award in Taiwan.For many years, the application of block chain has been researched deeply, leading the block chain technology team development system to be applied to the health big data and agricultural traceability project.

Chaozhi WangStrategic Advisor

Senior scholars, famous sociology, pedagogy, psychology, marriage and love psychology experts, famous speech experts. The convener of the subject of "credit China China credit forum", Peking University. Chief consultant of World Assets Digital Cryptography Committee (UN), chairman of Macao Song Qingling foundation Asia Pacific and executive chairman of "credit China China credit" forum.

Community Team

Xiaoxu Zhou

User operation

Pingdong Zheng

Operation promotion

Lili Lu

Overseas operations

Songjie Lin

Data Analyst

Yuhui Gu

Visual Design

Canhui Huang


aiqing Lian


Hanjie Chen

Media manager

Maowei Hong


Shanshan Chen

Event planning

Hong xin

Operations Specialist

Dongsheng Li

Business channels

Zehui Shi

Channel operations

Jixiang Ye

Event management

Jingting Ye

Crisis Management