The prodigious gathering of the battery of advocates and Supreme Court’s senior-most Judges with the Chief Justice of India himself was the sight that the Eastern Book Company family brought together for the magnificent book release event of “Thus Spake Their Lordships” (Second Edition) by Mr Sumeet Malik on Wednesday, 26-09-2018.

The event was a grand one itself as it was the last week of the tenure of CJI Dipak Misra and the week of major landmark judgments pronounced with “Aadhaar, M. Nagaraj and Live Streaming” verdicts out on the same day as the event took place on the evening of 26-09-2018, marking it to be one of the landmark days, as it would be so called and placed in the history.

The jam-packed hall of Bikaner House witnessed the arrival of the eminent personalities, which comprised of Chief Guest, Hon’ble the Chief Justice, Justice Dipak Misra along with the Guests of Honour Justice A.K. Sikri and Mr K.K. Venugopal, Attorney General for India.

Following this the evening as chaired by the CJI wouldn’t have been complete if he himself would not have spoken a few words on the book and further a panel discussion took place which was moderated by Ms Haripriya Padmanabhan, Advocate, Supreme Court.

From the Author: In sequel to the first edition, the author has collected the pearls from landmark judgments covering almost every issue ranging from women’s rights to privacy; from education to passive euthanasia; etc. and added them to the already crafted beautiful necklace. The author has added to the already created extensive word index by which the quotes that contain a particular word can be found.

The Word Index also lists Articles of the Constitution and Sections of the Acts and therefore can be really helpful in case the reader wishes to look for an excerpt with respect to a particular provision.

“We hope that in creating this work, we are able to make the law a little less dreary and those engaged in the study of the law are made to think, reflect and be inspired by these little gems.”

-Sumeet Malik

Quotable Quotes from Supreme Court Cases (SCC) (1969–2018)

An Insight


Duty of Court

“The constitutional courts cannot sit in oblivion when fundamental rights of individuals are at stake. Our Constitution has conceived the constitutional courts to act as defenders against illegal intrusion of the fundamental rights of individuals. The Constitution, under its aegis, has armed the constitutional courts with wide powers which the courts should exercise, without an iota of hesitation or apprehension, when the fundamental rights of individuals are in jeopardy.”

Dipak Misra, C.J. in Kalpana Mehta v. Union of India(2018)7 SCC 1, para 45


“There is a recognition to the hard reality that without protection for human rights there can be no democracy and no justification for democracy.”

Dr A.K. Sikri, J. in National Legal Services Authority v. Union of India(2014) 5 SCC 438, para 124

Women Empowerment

“Honesty, pride, and self-esteem are crucial to the personal freedom of a woman. Social progress depends on the progress of everyone. Crime against women is an unlawful intrusion of her right to privacy, which offends her self-esteem and dignity.”

Banumathi, J. in Mukesh v. State (NCT of Delhi)(2017) 6 SCC 1, paras 370 and 379

“No nation, with all its boasts, and all its hopes, can ever morally be clean till all its women are really free — free to live without sale of their young flesh the lascivious wealth or commercialising their luscious figures.”

V.R. Krishna Iyer, J. in Chitan J. Vaswani v. State of W.B.(1975) 2 SCC 829, para 15

It was a successful evening that was attended by an illustrious crowd of academicians, advocates and community members who were enlightened and enthralled.

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